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Whole wide world concept is the largest International community of Benefactors that brings people around the world together around innovative fundraising model.
Our project provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to take part in realization of charitable programs aimed at helping non-profit organisation, providing financial aid for other community participants and receiving it.

How It Work

Whole wide world is a united international system for reciprocal financial aid that was designed to bring millions of people from the entire world together and let them provide ongoing financial support to each other. To appreciate your effort, all new members that you invited will be your direct donators. Hence your earning will be unlimited too. If you invite 1 people by your referral link in your 1st week and 1 person every following week and all your followers do the same, then in one month your income should be 8150 $. and it increases every following month!!!

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Click ‘sign up’, add your personal info, and get full, unrestricted access to the entire platform

Bring People

The more actively you invite new participants to the Community, the more money transfers are directed to your account

Get Paid

Get money transfers amounted to $30 $20 $5 $1 and Direct Referral Bonus $20, which you can receive from people all over the world!

Financial aid

Financial aid is a process where you make donation to your referrer. So after Upgrade, you can start receiving donation from your donors.

Financial aid

100.00 USD

  • Direct Referral Bonus : $20.00
  • L1 : $30 X 5 = $150
  • L2 : $20 X 25 = $500
  • L3 : $10 X 125 = $1250
  • L4 : $5 X 625 = $3125
  • L5 : $1 X 3125 = $3125
  • Total Level Commission : 8150 USD
    Returns 8150% of Invest

Why Choose us

We have been in the internet marketing industry for a while now. Our parent company has been creating online monetizing solutions since 2016. We have grown our network to more than 100,000 members


Our system is 100% secure and tested, We have a strong technical team with awesome programmers


All donations are between registered members .To appreciate your effort, all new members that you invited will be your direct donators


When you need help, our team of experts work to reach a quick and efficient resolution

What People Says

I wish to join hands with like-minded people around the world to help each other and extend whatever help i can to the needy people anywhere in the world. Good wishes to all.

Estoy tan feliz de estar aquí, nada mejor que ayudar a las personas necesitadas donde quiera que estén

José Aburto divalo
Puebla, Mexico

Unity is strength, we are one team and we win together

Dhaka, Bangladesh

All Members Automatically Qualify FOR THE 20 USD FAST START BONUS, and best of all, it's paid in real-time, within minutes,

Jony Vai

Video Presentation

Whole Wide World is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of Partnership Fundraising, reciprocity and benevolence. In system all transactions are visible and traceble. You get money instantly to your account of your choise

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