What is Whole wide world ?

Whole Wide World is a united international system for reciprocal financial aid that was designed to bring millions of people from the entire world together and let them provide ongoing financial support to each other.

How does it works ?

Once you register and activate your subscription specified at $100 only once, you will be putting the first building block in the formation of your social network of solidarity. But the obvious question is where the $100 goes: It will be split on five levels for the upline members or those who may have brought you to work within the network and then you can start receiving donations directly to your own account from all the new members you will invite through your referral link and are the direct donors to your network. So your profit will be unlimited. How so: If you invite two or more of your relatives or acquaintances to join the network, you will receive 30% of each individual contribution value plus $20 as a welcome bonus per person, a total of $50 per person, in the second level you will get 20% or $20, in the third level it will be 10% which is $10, in the fourth level it is 5% or $5, in the fifth level you will get 1% which is $1, the financial cycle will close vertically, but it will remain open indefinitely horizontally for all levels to enhance your intergenerational partnership structure.

Do I have to recruit people ?

As we say it is a combination of Team force and system for reciprocal financial aid because all the new members you will invite through your referral link will be your direct donors to your network to keep moving the program at a faster pace.

How can I join whole wide world?

Easy to start this journey sign up simply to our program with your email and some information

What is The E-PIN used for ?

The E-pin is a unique feature that allows users to share their funds in form recharge pins. You can share your funds with E-pin by clicking on the E-pin recharge option in you dashboard then click on the 'create new pin' button, insert the amount you wish to convert to a recharge pin, then click 'generate'. You will find the pin below. When you want to use the recharge pin, copy the recharge pin, click on E-pin recharge, paste in the 'ENTER PIN' box, click on 'recharge now'. You will find the equivalent amount deposited into your dashboard.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal.and a range of crypto-currencies. This range of payment methods could expand in the future.

What is the minimum required to get started?

The minimum to get started is $100 only once

Where the $100 goes ?

It will be split on five levels for the upline members or those who may have brought you to work within the network

How much can I earn?

Your income is proportional to your efforts. You get paid once you your social network of solidarity is grow ,So your profit will be unlimited For example: If you invite one person in the first week and one person every next week and all followers do the same, your income should be $8,150 in one month. And it increases every month!!!

Can i have more than one account?

No . you can't create multiple accounts

Can i transfer funds to any user from my accouant ?

Yes you can, you can do that by clicking on the transfer balance option in your dashboard, insert the persons username or email followed by the amount then click send.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Any network fees will be have to be paid by member.

Do you have a refund policy?

There are no refunds. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your uplines).

Who can join?

This opportunity is available world wide.

What if I still have a question?

Just contact us with your questions and we'll answer them.